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Grant Will Assist in Making College a Reality for Michiganders 

Funding provided by the FCA Foundation will:

  • Make college a reality for Michiganders, particularly low-income students, first-generation, college-going students and students of color
  • Ensure students have access to the knowledge, tools and support to make college and postsecondary degrees or credentials a reality
  • Support MCAN’s goal of ‘Sixty by 30’ — 60% of Michigan’s residents will have a postsecondary degree or credential by 2030

February 4, 2020 , Lansing, Mich. - The Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) has received a $50,000 grant from the FCA Foundation that will enhance programs and activities to help Michiganders, particularly low-income students, first-generation college-going students and students of color, pursue college and postsecondary degrees and credentials. The grant, the second of its kind from the charitable arm of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, will also help foster the growth of the college-going culture and process — particularly in southeastern Michigan.

“This continued investment will enhance our capacity to increase postsecondary attainment in Southeast Michigan,” said Ryan Fewins-Bliss, executive director of the Michigan College Access Network. “We appreciate that the FCA Foundation’s interests align with our central work in the region. They clearly understand the need for developing talent through education.”

“Research tells us that education, particularly a postsecondary education, can have a profound effect that can extend generations into the future,” said Christine Estereicher, global chief operating officer for the FCA Foundation. “We are pleased to support MCAN in its efforts to ensure students and their families have access to the knowledge, tools and support to make college, and the completion of postsecondary degrees and credentials, a reality.”

This funding and these efforts will help MCAN achieve its “Sixty by 30” goal — 60 percent of Michigan’s residents will have a postsecondary degree or credential by 2030. 

FCA Foundation
The FCA Foundation, the charitable arm of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, supports organizations and initiatives that help empower people, build strong, resilient communities and generate meaningful and measurable societal impacts particularly in the field of education.

Michigan College Access Network (MCAN)
As the leader in the state’s college access movement, MCAN has a mission to increase Michigan’s college readiness, participation and completion rates, particularly among low-income students, first- generation college-going students and students of color. For the eighth year in a row, Michigan’s postsecondary educational attainment rate has increased — from 35.7% of 25-to-64-year-olds possessing at least an associate degree in 2008, to 41% in 2018. Additionally, it is estimated another 4% of Michiganders have a postsecondary certificate, bringing Michigan’s official 2019 attainment rate to 45%. MCAN’s goal is to increase Michigan’s postsecondary educational attainment rate to 60% by 2030. For more information, visit

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